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Can cingular deploy 3G in the same bands as UMTS deployment in Europe?

December 11th, 2006 by abhishta

I took a look at the AWS spectrum auction that just took place in last couple of months in the USA. The frequencies auctioned off were in the range of 1.7GHz for uplink and 2.1Ghz for downlink. Now, what’s interesting is that Cingular has managed to roll out its very own 3G deployment (in the form of HSDPA for packet data only) in the 850MHz/1900MHz band using its already existing spectrum. Now that cingular has acquired spectrum in the 2.1GHz range why can it not deploy 3G using the 1900/2100 MHz combination like Europe. I mean they would ONLY have to re-plan their entire 2G network to 850MHz and spend like a billion or so dollars :D. But in all fairness, it is a possibility that cingular should consider.

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