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How reliable is the Nokia Software Updater?

December 11th, 2006 by abhishta

I’ve recently had the “pleasure” of updating my phone via the infamous NSU. I was really scared of bricking my phone and I made sure I followed the instructions EXACTLY as specified by the NSU. Even though I was precise, there were problems. I mean, the f/w update went well, but the hard disk got corrupted. That meant transferring nearly 2 gigs of songs, re-creating the playlists, installing all the apps and so on.

The main cause of concern in the entire update process is said the be the cable and the connector. Loose connector/bad cable == bricked phone in most of the cases. Another reason why people have ended up with bricked phones is due to small things like for example, they tend to forget to change the profile to the General Mode. So if you think about it, the problem lies with people and the hardware. The software looks like its inherently bug-free, right?


If you look at post here on HowardForums, Nokia says that they haven’t released any updates for the N93 because of “issues with the NSU” which results in bricked N93s.

So in a process which can be described as: Phone -> Cable -> NSU software, not one of these components can be called reliable. So a user can end up with a bricked phone and not know the exact reason as to why it was bricked. A user CAN ensure that the settings in the phone are correct, he CAN ensure that the cable is good and the connectors are not loose, but there is NO way a user can safeguard against bugs in a software he knows nothing about.

This entire process is just too risky for a normal user. I depend on my phone for my day-to-day activities. I cannot imagine the effects of a bricked phone, considering I don’t have a backup phone these days.

I think Nokia should just allow users to download the firmware files and then move them via BT/IR/usb to the phone. Design a symbian updater that works on the phone itself which can change the profiles and settings as it is run, eliminating majority of the issues that lead to bricked phones.

Or if they won’t us to have the the firmware, at the very least,  enable FOTA updates.

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