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Symbian OS 9.3 announced

December 21st, 2006 by abhishta

Its old news (announced in July), but somehow, I didn’t know anout it. So I thought I’d share it with everyone anyways.

Symbian announced the availability of Symbian OS™ v9.3, the latest evolution of the world’s leading smartphone operating system.

Symbian OS v9.3 builds on the success of the v9 family as a robust, secure, open and standards-based OS for smartphones. It includes incremental enhancements in line with market requirements related to phone performance and reducing time-to-market for handset vendors and network operators’ cost-effective deployment of revenue-generating services, content and applications.

Symbian OS v9.3 includes:

Improved phone performance

* Shorter start-up times for phones and key applications
* Improved memory management resulting in more responsive applications and phone features ensuring smartphones work as quickly with better quality features as mid-range phones

Reduced development and ownership cost, and time to market

* New development tools
o Symbian OS awareness for the Eclipse/CDT IDE framework and Nokia’s Carbide.c++ Development Tools for Symbian OS v9.3 phones
o Configuration tools to easily create and customise Symbian OS variants
o The Symbian Verification Suite to support compatibility and phone integration for creating Symbian OS variants, reducing time taken to customize phones for operators targeting different market segments
o A fully searchable on-line edition of the Symbian OS Library including a significant amount of new content
* Backwards compatibility from v9.1, easy migration for phone vendors, technology and third party software providers
* Reference design for Symbian OS v9.3 with Freescale and Nokia S60
* Hindi and Vietnamese language support for improved market coverage

Support for new hardware

* Native support for WiFi
* USB 2.0 on-the-go, allowing faster device connectivity

Support for key operator services and requirements

* Firmware over the air (FOTA) provisioning, FOTA allows network operators to provide OTA software upgrades or fixes lowering cost of ownership
* HSDPA support
* Introduction of IPSec for UMA service (Voice over IP)
* Improved 3GPP R5 support
* Native support for Push To Talk
* Java JSR 248 support

And last but not the least,

Symbian OS v9.3 is fully backwards compatible with previous versions in the v9 family. Symbian OS licensees currently have phones based on Symbian OS v9.3 in development, with product launches anticipated in 2007.

My comments:

  • Yay! for the backward compatibility with 9.1
  • I’m quite surprised to see Hindi being added as a core language. That’ll definitely help boost sales of symbian phones in India.
  • USB 2.0 gets a mention, but no Bluetooth 2.0?
  • VoiP stack is still not a standard feature. :( Why isn’t the VoiP stack used by Nokia for the E series made common to all symbian devices?
  • FOTA for all devices? (Wouldn’t that be awesome!)
  • I see they’ve announced v9.3. Where’s v9.2? 😀

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