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Fring – Skype on my symbian phone .. AT LAST!!

January 28th, 2007 by abhishta

Finally, the developers over at fring have been able to design a working application which lets me make skype calls from my symbian phone using a data connection!

You have to fill out your phone number and a few details when u try to download it. The link for the application is sent to you via sms.

Once you install the app and start it, you are greeted with the tradition loading screen.

Once the app has loaded successfully, you to choose if you want to choose Skype or Google Talk or both.

Select your service and press Next to go to the traditional login page

After logging in, Click on Next and it will take you to your contacts list.

You can then test if everything works by calling the ‘fring test call’ contact.

So far, my experience with this app has been pretty good. It even shows you your entire contact list as a part of your skype contacts, EDIT: so that you can call them using GSM service (not SkypeOut like I had previously mentioned). I’ve used the service over wi-fi with my Nokia N91 and the call quality was good and there were no jitters in the sound. But the call volume was quite low and increasing the volume to the max will only increase the volume by a fractional amount. Other than that, this app is definitely a godsend for me.

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  • Himanshu

    I has installed iSkoot for this purpose and it seems alright. I have MGtalk for GTalk but the idea of have a common application supporting both these popular chat apps (and specially so if the Voice part for BOTH works well as MGtalk seems to be only able to handle the text chat part of GTALK but not the voice chat)

  • abhishta

    The main difference between iskoot and fring is that fring works over your data connection, like edge, 3g or wi-fi. iskoot calls a phone number.
    My office gets no cell coverage at all, so I prefer an app like fring, which I can use over wi-fi.

  • Himanshu

    Well, not really. iSkoot also asks for an access point so it can too work over edge, 3g or wi-fi.

    Funnily my office also has got little cell coverage but for the life of me, I cant get my E61 to connect to wifi on office (as they use some crazy security logic tied to our Windows domain using 3rd party tool Odyssey). It would be Supercool if that were to work…

  • abhishta

    iSkoot connects to their server and retrieves your contacts using data access points. But when you actually call one of your contacts, it routes this call through a phone number. So the actual call you make is not through a data connection.

  • scott

    since iskoot goes through the voice channel and notvia the data the voice quality is much higher and there is no dependency on wifi, hot spot or any data plan

  • bharath

    Thanks for the post!
    I was looking for some reason to buy a wifi enabled phone.
    This seems the best reason.

    BTW, can you suggest which one to get?
    W960 or N95 8GB?

  • Rykel

    and so if iSkoot uses voice channel, then it goes back to square one – we STILL need a voice line to make calls. this poses a problem for providers like in my country where the voice SIM and data plan SIM are 2 separate cards.

    Fring is better – anything that uses voice channel is duh!

  • Ahmed

    It’s amazing program

  • Usaff Hassan


  • Usaff Hassan