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Nokia E90 – Updates

February 10th, 2007 by abhishta

Michal Jerz, who has seen and used the E90 is answering questions over at My-Symbian. Stefan from Ring Nokia has compiled some of the questions he has answered so far:

Michal can you confirm that on the link (Engadget) we see Nokia E90?


Whattta an ugly phone!!!!! It just can’t be

UGLY??? Shocked For me it is the best looking Communicator ever made. Extremely stylish and very professional.

Strange, shouldnt it be silver and attractive?

It’s a business device. It doesn’t have to be “attractive”, it has to look seriously.

Besides, I wrote TWO MONTHS AGO that it is all black with shiny chromium/nickel-plated elements, so I have no idea why you expected a silver one. Or maybe a pink one? Wink

It looks like some low class Nokia phones “Nokia 6151”

I definitely wouldn’t say so. Especially that it’s extremely well built, from high quality materials.

i’m surprised at the 3.2MP camera! (if that is true)

Yep Wink

no way, it looks like a 2 year old cheap 2000-series phone.

Are you really sure you can objectively and correctly judge it without touching the device, without even clearly seeing it? Those pictures on engaged couldn’t be called sharp and clear.

even 9500 would win a title in comparison!

9500 is butt ugly compared to the E90.

Besides, it’s AMAZING how some people get excited so much about the LOOK and not about the extremely powerful features, huge screen shown on those pictures and large keyboard. If only the look matters for such people, I think that the Communicator is simply not the right choice for them. Communicator is meant to be a powerful tool, and not a sexy toy.

Is Michal’s silence on the denial that this is the E90 a confirmation that it is indeed the E90?

No, the only reason was that I was sleeping until afternoon after spending the whole night on writing the E90 review Razz

The article said GPS – NO. That’s disappointing if it’s true…

It’s not true.

Maybe it is not a beauty, but it is very elegant and stylish.


Backlighted inner keyboard? This will mean that it is possible to write on the keyboard when it is dark.

Yep Wink

do you know if the E90 Communicator will support this feature set (S60 v3 FP2) please?

It won’t.

Engadget has a press shot of the Nokia E90 as well.

VIA: Ring Nokia, Engadget

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