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Fring… supports MSN!

February 11th, 2007 by abhishta

The developers over at Fring are awesome! They’ve added MSN support to the already uber-awesome Fring voip application. There’s no need to update the app. Just start your app and let it connect. You will now see the MSN logo along with Skype and Fring.
Thank you Fring! That just made my day!


VIA: Darla Mack

UPDATE: I have a few major annoyances:

  1. Whilst chatting, if I’m typing something and I get an IM, then the current word that I’m typing is automatically deleted
  2. Please change the icons for the various apps! I have a lot of contacts that are redundant on GTalk, Skype and MSN. I don’t know if I’m calling someone on GTalk or Skype or MSN!

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