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Has the N91 reduced my cell phone usage?

February 17th, 2007 by abhishta

The N91 is one of the best Symbian devices I have owned. Its music capabilities in particular are quite amazing. It has replaced my Creative Zen Touch as the mp3 player of choice.
Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that my actual phone usage has gone down. Its about a 15 min walk to campus for me and I remember taking a lot of photos and shooting whilst walking through the campus when I used my 6620. My hands would immediately reach out into my pocket and the Camera/Video Recorder would turn on and snap! But lately, ever since I started using the N91 as an mp3 player, I’ve almost stopped clicking photos and videos!! My guess is that it s due to the fact that it takes a long time to de-attach the phone (with remote and all) and then re-attach it again.

I’ve also noticed that I no longer spend as much time on the phone as I used to. My BT headset, which I’ve used a lot for calling was just lying around unused for the past two weeks.

To test out my theory, I’m actually going to try to not use my phone as an mp3 player for the next few days.

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