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Netvibes2Go – Netvibes Mobile

February 24th, 2007 by abhishta

Netvibes has launched a mobile version of the netvibes homepage. the page can be accessed at

Create a ‘mobile’ tab using the web interface first and add the content viewable on the mobile phone.


The list of supported modules is shown up here.

Screenshots gallery:


Somehow, this product failed to impress me. I’ve been a netvibes user in the past and I liked the modular structure of their web product. However, the mobile product is nothing like its web counterpart. The features like iCal addition and Weather tabs are good, particularly the email retrieval feature, but they aren’t really lucrative, particularly for most smartphone users.
The current layout makes you scroll too much, since the feeds are displayed in its entirety. I wish they’d atleast adopt a Google Reader – like layout:


It would help a lot, imo.

If I were part of the netvibes team, I would definitely take a look at WidSets. Widsets currently offers modularity similar to the web product that netvibes offers.

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