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Raccoon for S60 … a walkthrough

February 24th, 2007 by abhishta

In my previous post, I talked about how it was possible to share any content from your S60 phone. This post details the entire process of setting up and configuring Raccoon on your S60 device.

Where to download:

Read the instructions from the Nokia Research site.

Make sure you apply for a Raccoon ID first. By my experience, it takes about 1-2 days to get the ID. Save the email containing the Raccoon Id.

There’s a wiki with some FAQs that you might want to read as well.

Also check out the Cool Stuff section to see its usage in the real world.

Installation and set up:

You will need to install the Raccoon bundle if you don’t have Python installed, otherwise downlaod the standlalone zip file and install all 3 sis files.

Once Raccoon is set up, use Y-Browser (or similar) to head over to C:/Data/apache/


The ‘conf’ folder contains Raccoon’s configuration files. The ‘htdocs’ folder is the default display folder for Raccoon.


Inside the conf folder is a file: httpd.conf. Move it to your pc as we will be editing it.


Do not try to edit the file on the phone!

Make a copy of the file on the pc!

On your pc, look for the line that says DocumentRoot. There should an address that says “C:/data/apache/htdocs”. Change it to the folder you want to share. For e.g. it could be: “E:/Sounds/digital” or simply “C:/” or “E:/”. Remember to use / slashes and maintain formatting of the original file at all costs.


Once that’s done, move the file back to C:/data/apache/conf and replace the old one.

Using the app:

Fire up Raccoon. Once it loads,go to Options -> Settings and enter your Raccoon ID and password. Once that’s done, Options -> Start w. Connector.


This should start up the web server.


When you receive your Raccoon ID, you will also receive a link in the email.That is your personal mobisite. Open it in a browser and the contents of the directory you shared should now be visible.

If you’re good with html, then add a few web pages to that directory to make things prettier!

I don’t have a Raccoon ID yet:

No problems, you can still use Raccoon, but only on your LAN. That’s why Raccoon has the ‘Start w/o Connector’ option as well. You can still use Raccoon to share data between multiple computers in your home.

Apache is highly configurable and you can even set access permissions, passwords to multiple files and folders. If you’re interested then definitely head over to Apache’s web page and take a look at how it works.

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