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Checking the i.p. address for your S60 phone?

March 2nd, 2007 by abhishta

Why is it not possible on S60 phones? I mean, there are codes to check your mac address and BT device address, but its really weird that there is no way to check the i.p. address of your S60 phone.

Whenever I’ve asked people, they tell me to go to sites like If you have a static address, that’d work just fine. But what if I’m behind a router with a private address like 192.168.x.x?
Frustrating! Does someone know how to check the currently assigned i.p. address?

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  • Taylor Banks

    Within your Access Point definition (tools->settings->connection->access points) select the options softbutton and choose “Advanced Settings.” Within Advanced Settings, if you choose IPv4 Settings, your current IP/gateway/DNS settings will be displayed. Bit of a PITA, but still rather helpful.

  • abhishta doesn’t work for me when i’m connected to the n/w. It won’t let me get into edit mode. And since i use dhcp, the ip addr and dns are both automatic when not connected to the n/w.

  • Kevin

    Any news on this? did you find a way to check the currently assigned IP? I am having the same problem, its a fairly basic (come on nokia!!) trouble shooting tool – being able to check your current address, gateway and dns.

  • abhishta solution so far. I’ve tried posting the question on a couple of forums as well, but nothing yet.

  • genitronics


    to find out ip adres of your symbian proceed as this:

    find out what mac adres your wifi card cellular has,normally written on the box that came with the cellular.
    Try to connect to any computer on network by putting its ipadres in explorere for example,

    on that computer open a dos window (start,run, type in “cmd”)

    in black window enter at command prompt line ” arp -a ” , this will show you Macadres resolve on this computer,normally your mac adres S60 should be in it and also its ipadres will appear in arp cache

  • khodadad

    i've got the same problem,please help

  • rasool

    You can use pktping witch is ping tools for s603rd… this tool display your current IP address…

  • rasool

    You can use pktping witch is ping tools for s603rd… this tool display your current IP address…