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Autosync your S60 phone with a mac

May 25th, 2007 by abhishta

One thing I’ve loved about the Nokia PC Suite (Windows only) is the ability to detect a phone the moment it comes into range and sync with it automatically. I miss the auto sync now that I use a Powerbook. But as I found out, there is a way to do just that and more on the mac as well. There are two ways to do this: The free way and the “Pay $20 for it” way.

Do it for free:

This isn’t technically auto sync, but it does the trick..most of the time. To explain in a nutshell, it involves creating a simple applescript that starts iSync, initializes the sync and then shuts it down. Then add the applescript to your cron to automate it. And voila, you have just enabled autosync.

There are quite a few scripts available, the one I’m listing here is probably the simplest one. With a little big of googling, you will surely find scripts that suit your needs.

delay 5

tell application “iSync”
delay 5
end tell

delay 480

tell application “iSync” to quit

Just save this script into a folder of your choice, such as Library/Application Support/iSync for example.

Now you can automate this entry via cron or by using launchd (Use Lingon to create launchd config files).

The “Pay $20 for it” way:

The paid (simpler and better) way is to use an application called as BluePhoneElite. I’m currently trying out v1.11 of the app and it works really well. The application has a bluetooth “Proximity Sensor” that can trigger various events once your phone comes into range. To auto sync, you’d run the script as a trigger when your phone gets into range. One of the other advantages of the app is that it shows the network and battery status in the menu bar and dock once your phone connects to it. It also allows calling and sending text messages via the mac, but I’m not sure if those features work with S60 phones.




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