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Nokia Media Transfer Beta for Mac

June 9th, 2007 by abhishta

Finally, the long awaited PC Suite (sort of) for the Mac is here with the release of the Nokia Media Transfer Beta. The current version of the app supports only N-Series devices. There is no support for E-series and normal S60/S40 devices as of now.

The app is relatively easy to install. Simply unzip the package and move it to the Applications folder. When you start the app, it loads up in the Menu bar.

The inital step involves recognizing and pairing with multiple supported phones via BT or the usb cable (set the phone to PC Suite mode).

The Media browser can be split up into its iTunes and iPhoto Media Transfer components and the Nokia Device Browser.

iTunes and iPhoto Media transfer:

The media transfer app creates a shared folder (one per paired device) in iTunes and iPhoto and is named as per the BT device name. All playlists dropped into the iTunes folder and photos dropped into the iPhoto folder will be synced with the phone once connected.

Picture 4.jpg Picture 6.jpg
A music fill option is also provided which fills up your device with random music from iTunes (upto a certain percentage of total space, as defined by you). All settings related to music and photo transfers and music fill can be adjusted from the Device Settings tab.

Nokia has published comprehensive tutorials on setting up and using the Nokia Media Transfer app. Check them out here.

Nokia Device Browser:

The nokia device browser is full fledged device browser that is packaged along with the app. It allows you to view the entire HDD/memory card contents on your mac, without having to put the phone in mass storage mode. Phone memory is also accessible, but only the Data folder.

Multiple devices can be defined in the device browser as well. I don’t know for sure if two devices can simultaneously be connected and recognized, but if its possible, it would offer a great way to move content between various N-series devices.

However, one possible improvement for the next version could be to make it faster, since its a wee bit on the slow side.


The Nokia Media Transfer app is the much needed missing link for syncing N-series multimedia computers with a mac. Although not as complete as the Nokia PC Suite, the iSync+Media Transfer combo is definitely a huge step in the right direction. The app and has worked flawlessly for me so far. With the next version, I sincerely hope that the list of supported devices will encompass all of Nokia’s handsets (S60 and S40). I’m also hoping to see a tight integration with iSync and Mail.


Realized that the transfer functionality does not check for duplicates with photos and songs. The device browser does not show the contents of a folder (i.e. the sub-folders within it). It only shows the recognized content from all the sub-folders together, making it difficult to know where your actual photos/mp3s etc. are.

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