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N800 Review (Part 1) – Physical

June 28th, 2007 by abhishta

Build Quality:

The build quality on the N800 is superb. Its solidly built and there are no creaks, wobbles of any kind when holding the device.The N800 ships with a pouch that does a good job of protecting the N800.


The silver/black color combination looks really great on the device. The device carries a minimalist stylish look with only a few visible buttons. Even though the device body is entirely plastic, it does not feel “cheap” in any way (I actually thought the front casing was metal, before holding it in my hands).

Physical Dimensions:

The N800 is just about the right size. It fits snugly into the palm of my hands. But at 206 grams, it is slightly heavy. With dimensions of 2.95 x 5.7 x 0.5 inches, its not something that will fit into your jeans pocket, but it fits easily into a jacket or coat pocket.


Nokia has made the right choice by limiting the number of buttons/keys and the buttons are strategically placed to ensure that you don’t have to fumble around with the N800 when you need to press something. All buttons can be pressed by using only the index finger and your thumb.




There are 4 buttons on the top: one depressed power buttons and 3 zoom buttons.

The power button is smaller, harder to press and placed farther into the device, to prevent accidental pressing.

The 3 zoom buttons are: +, FS and – (from left to right in the image). + and – increase and decrease zoom levels respectively and FS enables full screen mode.



The video camera is present on the left side of the device. It is hidden and appears when pushed out and is rotatable.



The right side of the device consists of the headphone jack, charger port and the stylus. The N800 has a normal 2.5mm headphone jack that will allow you to plug in your favorite headsets. It uses the same newer charger that is shipped with Nokia phones and you can use your Nokia phone chargers to charge the N800.

The stylus is triangular in shape and unlike the thinner, circular ones, has a good heavy feel to it and has sufficient width to make sure that you get a good grip.

The mini-usb port is also located on the right and is revealed once the stand is opened. The N800 ships with a usb cable (DKE-2) which allows for fast transfer of data between your P.C. and the N800.



A hot-swappable SD card slot is present on the bottom of the N800, hidden under the stand.

The N800 stand opens at two angles, 45 and 90 degrees and allows you to place the N800 at angle.



Underneath the battery cover lies the humongous N800 battery and the internal SD card slot. The battery cover is surprisingly easy to remove. Considering how it tightly it fits, I thought it would be more difficult to remove.



Besides the absolutely gorgeous (4.13 inch, 65k, 480 x 800 pixel) screen, the N800’s face consists of the d-pad, the loudspeakers and 3 buttons: back, properties and home.

The loudspeakers are present on wither sides of the screen.

The d-pad of the N800 is nicely built, but it could have been better. The Nokia N-Gage had a d-pad which was much better than the N800.

The back button allows you to go back when browsing and the the Properties button activates the Properties menu for the open application. The Home button allows you to switch between application windows, close applications and go to the Home Screen.

The screen comes fitted with a screen protector by default which is good thinking on Nokia’s part.


The N800 is solidly built and is comfortable to hold. The silver/black combo with the chrome border is very stylish. Combine that with the minimalist look and it adds even more style to the substance. The designers have done a great job with the hardware design and the layout and have made the device very easy to use.

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