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iZoho and the N800

July 3rd, 2007 by abhishta

The launch of iZoho had me excited since I’ve wanted a good online document editing solution for the N800. Google docs and spreadsheets works on the N800 with Minimo installed, but its still buggy, slow and cannot edit documents unless you’re in HTML edit mode.

However, with iZoho, at least the viewing part has been vastly simplified. It works in the native Opera browser and its solid solution for viewing word, Powerpoint and excel files online.

I’ve tried it with Zoho writer and Zoho show and both work quite well. Editing of word files is not possible right now since the editor is not a text box and thus the N800’s keyboard doesn’t pop up. This is an issue with the iPhone as well and I think they’ll end up making the editor as a text box to allow editing. The next version of iZoho should support editing. Zoho show allows you to view slides one after the other, but the slideshow feature won’t work.
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