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Jealous Computers – Prevention is better than cure!

July 28th, 2007 by abhishta

If you haven’t already seen it, go to the Jealous Computers website to see how frustrated and jealous computers are retaliating against owners of Nokia’s new Multimedia Computers. But as they say,

Prevention is better than cure!

So here are some tips to prevent you from becoming the next featured victim on the Jealous Computers website.

  1. Keep your phone safely hidden in your coat/shirt/pant pocket or inside a holster so that it’s not directly visible to prying laptop eyes.
  2. Whenever possible, use Bluetooth and maintain a sufficient distance from the laptop to ensure that the laptop is not aggravated when syncing or transferring multimedia content.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, set your Multimedia Computer’s bluetooth name to “My Nokia N95” or “Nokia N91” or anything that would reveal its identity to the laptop.
  4. Use of data cable should be restricted to large multimedia transfers only! If ever the need for using a data cable arises, make sure your laptop is fastened securely.
  5. Make sure your laptop’s iSight/Web Camera is covered or disabled when not in use. If your laptop doesn’t see you playing around with your Multimedia Computer, it won’t get angry!
  6. Remember that you are but one, of the 100 million or so S60 users in the world. Take extra precautions, particularly in public areas, such as offices, educational institutions etc.
  7. If your laptop has a history of exhibiting violence towards multimedia computers, be sure to attach this label (see image below) to warn others.

    jealous_computers 001.jpg

  8. The Healthy Computing Volunteer Group has taken the initiative to help curb these atrocious acts of violence and is providing fliers with essential safety information. Please ensure that these are distributed in your workplace/home. To receive the fliers and warning labels, contact WOM World.


If you have more useful tips, please leave a comment so that I can add them to the list. I hope that this message reaches all the innocent and unsuspecting multimedia computer users out there so that they are forewarned.

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