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iPhone web apps enrich the S60 browsing experience

August 3rd, 2007 by abhishta

If you don’t already know, the S60 browser is based on WebKit, an open source browser engine – the same engine used by Safari on the iPhone. Thus, many of the ‘web apps’ designed for the iPhone work flawlessly on S60’s Web Browser.

There are numerous websites which contain catalogs of applications (free and paid) to use with your iPhone.

Some notable sites being:

  1. iPhoneAppr – Has an optimized interface for use with mobile devices
  2. iPhone Widget List
  3. iPhone Application List

Out of the 200+ (and increasing) web apps, some are unique and definitely worth bookmarking. But what about web apps for those day-to-day functions: movie show times, weather lookups, search etc. Would you ditch your tried-and-tested bookmarks (those old boring old mobile sites) for the iPhone optimized versions?

I did.

Why? Because iPhone’s web apps enrich the browsing experience! Browsing hasn’t been this much fun in a while. The sites are stylish, lightweight (most of them are) and are far better to look at as compared to normal mobile sites.

For example:


Which one would you prefer? goMovies was designed for use with the iPhone and it works flawlessly on my N91. The loading time difference between both pages was about 4 secs on T-Mobile’s EDGE connection and negligible on Wi-Fi.

If you’re an Opera Mini user, fear not! These web apps work flawlessly on the Opera Mini 4.0 beta browser.

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  • Avinash Rathod

    I wont get rid of my old bookmarks, but indeed widgets are cool. Everyone likes a good UI ;). I think not all 3rd Ed devices are widget enabled I mean right now only 3rdEd FP1 (and onwards) are widget enabled. Do check out
    Its my widget experience :)

  • abhishta

    I didn’t like these widgetops. Too heavy and not designed for S60 device resolutions.
    But if you are interested, go to on your N95 and view some of the web apps there.
    Then let me know if you changed your bookmarks or not. 😀

  • Avinash Rathod

    iPhoneappr is fast, even on GPRS , ya I did it to my bookmarks.