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Media Sharing with Twango

September 10th, 2007 by abhishta

Twango has been one of Nokia’s most recent acquisitions and is a likely candidate for assimilation into the Ovi brand. Since the acquisition in late July, there has been no “official” method to seamlessly move multimedia content from your N-series device to Twango, except via e-mail. However, as Phoneboy documents, Twango can be added as a blog/online service to Lifeblog or Online Share on your N-series device.

Being able to store audio, videos and photos under one roof is quite satisfying in itself. Add podcasting to the mix and you’ve got a killer combo right there. But how does it fare from a symbian user’s perspective?


I’ve tried uploading via Lifeblog and the integration is alright for phots. If you have used Flickr with lifeblog in the past, the process is exactly the same with Twango as well. It offer some cool features such as embeddable channels, slideshows and RSS feeds, but nothing tempting enough that would make me want to switch over my photo collection from Flickr.

Audio/Video and Podcasting:

This is a Twango feature that many people aren’t even aware of and is one of the main selling points for Twango, imo. Even so, the current Twango experience is far from perfect, particularly for N-series users. Audio/Video can be uploaded from Lifeblog, which is good. There is a 100mb cap on file uploads, but I suspect the cap is much smaller for mobile uploads (a 38mb video upload from Lifeblog failed completely). Twango supports video podcasts too, but ironically, only iPod compatible videos can be used to make a video podcast. It supports videos in .m4v format (videos from my N91 don’t show up in the podcast). Audio podcasts support the standard mp3 format. Podcasts, both audio and video, can only be subscribed to via iTunes (why?) and it needs to be changed asap.


I can see why Nokia would spend $100 million on Twango as it surely does have potential. It still has a long way to go before it becomes a part of the Ovi suite. The main disappointment for me was the lack of S60 integration. It shouldn’t be too hard for Nokia and Twango to iron out the minor issues, at the very least, to drive early adopters to use the site. Mobile video uploading issues have been discussed before and Twango has the potential to offer a great service to all S60 users. A suggestion: Get some of the S60 pioneers (AAS, Symbian-guru, Mark Guim, James Burland etc.) out there to try out Twango. Nokia would definitely benefit from the feedback. Honestly, as the service stands now, I don’t see any compelling reason to leave my current audio/video hosting providers to join Twango.

I would love to hear about the experiences of other users as well. Drop a comment and let me know about how your Twango experience has been.

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  • Tom Y

    Twango has not been useable as a host for websites and blogs for at least a couple of months now. The problem occurred without warning and has continued well beyond what we were led to expect.