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The N95 at the Air and Space Museum

December 2nd, 2007 by abhishta

Ever since I got the N95, I haven’t had the opportunity to use my N95 to take a lot of photos. I’ve been wanting to test out the responsiveness, the auto-focus, the flash and the image quality in varied lighting conditions. So here are random pictures taken at the air and space museum. Take a look and let me know what you think:

12012007064 12012007069 12012007077 12012007080 12012007078 12012007086

A couple of photos showing how the N95 works in low lighting conditions:

12012007071 12012007072 12012007083 12012007081

A few photos showing how well the N95 can capture text, thanks to the auto-focus. My N91 could never do it this well.

12012007085 12012007062 12012007067

All photos can be seen on the flickr gallery.

The N95 is by far, the best camera phone I have owned to date! I enjoyed using the N95 as a digital camera. On the downside, however, I do think that the camera should be faster between pictures. The camera application does not remember the flash setting, which was irritating at times. I had to manually turn off the flash every time I wanted to take photos.

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  • James @ Nokia Creative

    You have some great photos here… agreed, the N95 is a wonderful photo phone!

  • ajit

    Really great photos for the cameraphone. What impresses me is the responsiveness in low-light conditions and the focus as well. Good buy!