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The E71/E66 does not have a Blackberry Connect client…Why?

July 14th, 2008 by abhishta

S60’s default email isn’t really usable, particularly for enterprise customers. And that is why we have various other add-on clients like Mail for Exchange and Blackberry Connect. Since Blackberry Connect is not available for the Nokia N95-NAM, I have to use a Blackberry Curve as my day-to-day phone. I’ve been contemplating moving to the E61i, but it would be too much of a downgrade. So I waited for the new E-Series line-up to be announced. The E71 looked like the perfect phone: FP1 enhancements, great build quality, sleek with QWERTY and above all…..BES support!

Unfortunately though, it looks like this won’t be happening anytime soon (or maybe never). From this thread over at Europe Nokia Discussion Boards, it looks like Nokia and Blackberry haven’t reached an agreement (and maybe never will!). So Blackberry Connect for the E71 is a no-go.

Quite a shocker, ain’t it! The new iPhone 3G will have exchange support and will support features such as remote device wipe (which Mail for Exchange does not support as it uses Exchange over ActiveSync – correct me if I’m wrong here). The new Blackberry Bold will obviously bring along some enhancements to the Blackberry OS. I wonder how Nokia plans to extend its reach into the enterprise market by leaving out a key component like Blackberry Connect?

I want to get the E71, but I can’t, since it doesn’t support BES. I guess I’ll wait for the next E-Series line-up and hope that it has Blackberry Connect.

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  • Flying Fox

    E66/E71 are still FP1 according to Nokia’s forum.

  • abhishta

    Thanks for catching that! Editing my post.

  • Lake District

    I think it is because the E71 is too close for comfort for RIM. They have played a bit of a business masterstroke, letting nokias have blackberry and then pulling the rug from underneath users feet.

  • Lake District Accommodation

    latest news check out the nokia thread again, someone rang nokia and they siad an e71 client would be available very shortly – hope that is true!

  • Enrico

    Yeah.. very dissapointed. I was waiting for E71, but when I heard that it doesn’t support BBC, I was shocked and decided not to buy E71. What a shame. Nokia, you lose a customer… er no… customerS on this decision.

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  • CMA

    I can’t understand why Nokia shot themselves in the foot by not having Blackberry Connect on the E71. The E71 is such a nice phone; but I guess I now have to ditch it and get a Blackberry Bold or something, shame.