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Learn to use the “Pause” key

October 13th, 2008 by abhishta

No it’s not the “force”, or an ability to stop time, but if used correctly, you will save a lot of time that you waste entering pin codes, extensions and waiting for the voice prompt lady in customer service to finish talking…slowly.

Every phone has the ‘p’ or pause key (On Nokia Phones, you can get it by 3 presses of the ‘*’ key) .

As most of my family lives overseas, I use calling cards a lot. One of the major pain points of using calling cards is that you have to enter a pin code to validate your account and then you have to enter the phone number.  A lengthy process indeed, and made even longer if you don’t remember the international phone number you’re calling.

This is where the pause key comes into play. Each instance of ‘p’ in the phone number accounts for once second of pause. Instead of just saving the phone number, save the pin code along with it by adding a pause in between!

The common way to save it is: <phone number>ppp<pin code>

The number of p’s depends on the number of seconds needed in between.

To take it a step further, pre-load the calling card information on a contact’s number.

For example, my parents’ phone number would be: <calling card number>ppp<pin code>ppp<parents’ phone number>

There’s a ton of ways to extend this concept even further: save numbers with extensions, save keypress prompts to call centers – the list goes on.

How to extend it even further? I leave that to your imagination. :)

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